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To begin

Choose one of these options to start ...

  1. Create tyl to start a new tyl
  2. Drafts to access tyls you have started and not yet published
  3. Published to access tyls already published
  4. Wall of tyls to view the showcase of all your publicly published tyls
  5. Settings

Create a tyl

To begin with, Tylio does not ask you to choose from an endless list of templates. He only wants what you are here for, your content, the message you want to send out there.

    img tyls

    Four types of content are currently supported:

    1. Text
    2. Photos (from your computer, your cell phone or imported from the Internet via a url link)
    3. Videos (previously downloaded on Youtube or Vimeo)
    4. Google Maps

    Add Text

    The text window is divided into 2 parts: the title and the body.

    The title can not be changed at this time, but the body can be modified using the in-line text editor which automatically appears when you select some text.

    With the in-line text editor, you can:

    • Create a h2 title
    • Justify text
    • Put text in bold
    • Put text in italics
    • Highlight text
    • Insert a hyperlink
    • Create an ordered list of points or numbers
    • Create a "click to tweet"

    Do not forget to click on the "Save" button before closing the window!

    Add pictures and videos

    There are two ways to add a picture:

    1. Import a picture from your computer or cell phone
    2. Import a picture from the Internet by using the url link or a "drag-and-drop"

    Videos must be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo before importing them into Tylio using their url links or a "drag-and-drop".

    Here's a video showing how it works ...

    Add a map

    To add a map,

    1. click on the map icon
    2. enter the address or location in the search bar
    3. adjust the map display using the + / - buttons
    4. click on "Save"

    Now that your content is ready, let's see how to put it all in shape ...

    Your very own assistant designer

    Once all your content is imported, just click on the arrow (top right) to select a style and a theme for your page.

    Tylio currently proposes 3 different styles:

    • Classy: this style offers several "full screen" arrangements for your image cover and a lot of varieties for the rest of your page
    • Contain: this style centers all your content, including your image cover. Some "full screen" layouts will not be available if you select this style.
    • Pixel full: this style favors "full screen" arrangements

    Tylio also proposes 5 different themes:

    • Pure: white background, modern font
    • Clean: a white / light gray option for the background, bold titles
    • Zebra: choice between white and black for the background, bold titles
    • Shade: a black / dark gray option for the background, bold titles
    • Night: black background

    When your choice is made, click on the validation icon at the top right.

    You can return to this selection by clicking on the icon at the left bottom of your page.

    img tyls
    img tyls

    Layout Design

    Time to arrange your page's layout!

    Tylio actually prepares several arrangements from the content you provide so you can really refine your selection.

    In order to do this, click on the preview on the right of the selected section and scroll through the arrangements until you find an arrangement you like.

    Good to know:

    Each arrangement you pass by is displayed on the left of the selected section. You can select it at any time by clicking on it.

    The number of arrangements made by Tylio depends on the content. If you do not see any preview on the right, it's because the content does not allow for any other arrangement.

    img tyls

    Edit style and/or theme

    As mentioned above, you can modify the chosen style and/or theme at any time by clicking on the icon at the left bottom.

    Good to know:

    • You can modify the style and theme of your page as often as you like.
    • Changing the theme will not affect the chosen layout.
    • Changing the style may however slightly modify the proposed arrangements, as some arrangements are not included in all styles.
    • Back to step look, you can change the background colors by selecting them separately for each section. This is of course only available for themes that offer different color options.
    img tyls
    img tyls

    View and Publish your Tyl

    When you are ready, click on the "validate" icon (top right). Your tyl will be displayed in full screen.

    If the result is not entirely satisfactory, 2 icons are displayed on each block of content so that you can change it.

    The "pencil" icon on the left takes you back to the step "content". You can change the order of your content within a section or create new sections by dragging and dropping an item to the desired location.

    The "magic wand" icon on the right brings you back to the step "look". You can choose a different arrangement or click on the icon that allows you to change the style or theme.

    When you are satisfied with the result, click on the "Publish" button.

    Your tyl is ready to be shared through its url link or directly on selected social media by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

    Change your tyl settings

    The "Settings" menu allows you to perform various actions:

    • Link: Once PUBLISHED, your tyl will be accessible via two links. The shortened link is ideal for sharing, and redirects to the permanent link. These links are not modifiable.
    • Preview: This is the preview Tylio creates for you to share on social media. The automatic mode is the only option allowed for now but it will soon be possible to manually set the title, subtitle and cover picture that will be used when your tyl is shared on the Web.
    • Tags: Add up to 10 tags (keywords) to your tyl in order to maximize its visibility. Tags make it easier for people and search engines to discover your tyl. (Coming Soon)
    • Diffusion Channels: Diffusion channels are curated collections of the best tyls related by a common point of interest. They are collaboratively maintained by the community and attract many followers. Therefore, they are also a great way to expand your audience reach. You can submit your tyl for publishing in up to 5 channels. (Coming Soon)
    • Visibility: When PUBLIC, your tyl is visible everywhere. It will be listed on Tylio's public pages (your tyl wall, homepage, etc). It will also be discoverable by search engines and listed in social feeds. When UNLISTED, your tyl will only be visible to those who know the link. It will not be listed on Tylio's public pages and will not be seen by search engines.
    • Branding: This menu allows you to add a custom branding to a tyl, transfer a tyl from one brand to another, or remove the branding from a tyl. A tyl without custom branding is completely free and uses the brand image by default.
    img tyls