Creating brands on Tylio

Brands make it possible to apply the visual identity of your business, project, event, products, and more on all your tyls automatically.

Assuming your brand has already been created following these instructions, let's see how you can automatically have your publications logo, external links and follow button on each tyl you create.

How do you brand a tyl?

Using the branding menu

This menu allows you to add a custom branding to a tyl (whether this tyl already exists in your previously published tyls or has just been created), transfer a tyl from one brand to another, or remove the branding from a tyl.

A tyl without custom branding is completely free and uses the brand image by default.

      Adding a custom branding to a previously published tyl

      To brand an existing tyl,

      1. open your tyl
      2. click on "Edit this tyl"
      3. click on the settings menu (the 3 dots)
      4. click on the branding menu
      5. select the brand you wish to apply on your tyl
      img tyls
      img tyls
      img tyls
      img tyls

      Using the "Create tyl for this brand" button

      By clicking this button, you automatically add the selected brand to the tyl you will create. No need to add the brand before publishing your tyl, it is already done !

      img tyls