Creating a brand

Have you decided to create a new site for your company? You already have a website and are interested in starting a business blog? You're passionate about food or travel and would like to share your discoveries with others?

Whatever the nature of your motivations, you're in the right place to build a website or a blog, easy and free.

First things to do, register on and create a brand to identify your project.

    Why creating a brand?


    A brand is a blog, a website, a collection of web pages, for personal or professional purposes. In short, it is what you decide to do with it.

    By creating a brand, you gain access to a ton of interesting features, such as:

    • automatic display of the visual identity of your company, project, event etc. on all your pages,

    • configuration of a navigation menu and quick access to selected pages,

    • connecting a custom domain name,

    • collaboration,

    • using a Google Analytics tracking ID and / or a Facebook Pixel,

    • configuring social engagement features such as recommendations, comments, follow-up and suggested tyls,

    • SEO-optimization.

      👉  To create a brand, follow these steps:

      1. Click on "Settings".

      2. Click on "Create New Brand".

      3. Enter the name of your brand --> name of your website or blog.

      4. Choose an url on If you wish to connect your own custom domain, you will be able to do it later.

      5. Click on "Create brand". 

      6. Welcome to your brand's dashboard 😃

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      Creating a web page or a site

      Your brand is created, you are now ready to create a web page, start a blog or create a website.

      👉  Click on the image of your choice to access the right tutorial.

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