Creating a web page with

Whether you are here to create one or several pages, the way it works never changes: add content, choose designs based on what proposes and publish. Your page can serve as poster or landing page. It can also be transferred to a website or blog.

In any case, starting point remains the same ...

    A unique creative process

    Unlike many website builders, does not work with templates, which allows you to keep a complete creative control over the placement of your content. works with your content and generates multiple designs to help you choose what you like most. Do you wish to add several items? No problem! will automatically adapt your page's layout to any modification and regenerate your page in a few micro seconds.

    Too good to be true? Take a look below. Creating a page takes under 3 minutes, from adding content to publishing!

    Here are all the necessary steps as seen in the video:

    1. Click on "Create tyl".

    2. To the question "Would you like to brand this tyl?", answer with "No branding". We'll show you later how to create a brand. 

    3. Add content by clicking on the + button or by drag-and-dropping your files directly into We currently accept text, photos, videos, and maps. Other types of content will be added soon.

    4. Use sections to organize your content.
      👉 You can move any item without restrictions. Modify the order of your items within the same section or create a new section by dropping any item between two white dotted lines. Arrange your content as you like. The order of your sections will always be taken into account during the design process.

    5. Click on "Design" to put your content in shape.

      • Choose a style and a theme for the entire page.

      • Refine the layout by swiping left / right between what has prepared for each section. Select what suits you best.

        👉 Click on "Content" if you want to add, delete or modify any item. Go back to "Design" to choose and validate a new layout.

    6. When your page is ready, click on "Finish" then "Publish this tyl".

    7. Congratulations, the first page of your site is now online 😃

    Creating a new site with

    You have published your first page and would like to use it for a blog or a website? No problem. Click on the images below to access the right tutorial.

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      img tyls
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