Creating a website with, easy and (really) free

So, you've decided to create a new site for your business or latest project? Great! Let's see how you can be online in no time, without a headache, and without touching a line of code.

First thing to do is creating an account with Registration is free and only takes seconds. For more information, click here.

Then, you have to choose how you would like to start creating your website. You can start playing with our unique virtual assistant and create a first page that will automatically adapt to any of your content. Or, you can start setting up your site by choosing what type of site you want to create: a single-page website, a multi-page website or a blog.

    Creating a first page for your website

    👉  Ready to create your first page?

    Unlike many website builders, does not work with templates. Why's that? Because, most of the time, templates are too rigid to suit your needs and end up costing more time and / or money than expected.

    To give you complete creative control over the placement of your content, works with the content you choose and generates multiple designs to help you choose what you like most. Do you wish to add several items? No problem! will automatically adapt your page's layout to any modification and regenerate your page in a few micro seconds.

    Too good to be true? Take a look below. Creating a page takes under 3 minutes, from adding content to publishing!

    Find here the details of all the steps illustrated in the video.

    Creating your website with

    You've just published your first page? Cool! It is now time to think about the structure of your website.

    Step One: Creating a brand

    A brand is a blog, a website, a collection of web pages, for personal or professional purposes. In short, it is what you decide to do with it.

    By creating a brand, you gain access to a ton of interesting features, including:

    • automatic display of the visual identity of your company, project, event etc. on all your pages,
    • configuration of a navigation menu and quick access to selected pages,
    • connecting a custom domain name,
    • collaboration,
    • using a Google Analytics tracking ID and / or a Facebook Pixel,
    • configuring social engagement features like recommendations, comments, follow-up and suggested tyls,
    • SEO-optimization.

    To learn more about how to create a brand, click here.

    Step Two: Setting up your website

    Your brand is created, you're almost done ... You still have to finish setting up your site according to the type of site you want.

      If you want a single-page website (like a landing page or a one-pager), follow these instructions.

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      If you want a website with a home page and navigation between your pages, click here.

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      Do you wish to start a blog? See here how to configure it.

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