Why should you create brands on Tylio?

Brands make it possible to apply the visual identity of your business, project, event, products, and more on all your tyls automatically.

By creating a branded showcase of publications, you'll optimize your visibility and increase your traffic to the maximum. Branded tyls (and branded walls of tyls) have better natural SEO rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

And it only takes minutes to create yours... Here's how.

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Where do you start creating a brand?

There are different paths to access the brand creation menu. 

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From the user menu

  1. Open the user menu and click on Settings
  2. Click on the + icon on the right to create a new brand

From your dashboard (via drafts or published tyls)

  1. Click on the arrow sign to open your branded tyls menu
  2. Click on "Create a new brand"

Follow the steps and fill out the blanks.
If something isn't right, an error message will appear (see example below). 

Option 1 - From the user menu

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Option 2 - From your dashboard

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Setting up your brand in a few clicks

Name of your business

First things first. Start by typing the name of your business, project or product. It will be visible on many tyl.io pages and automatically used for search engines optimisations.

If something isn't right, an error message will appear (see example below). 

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Domain name on tyl.io or custom domain name

Then, choose the domain name of your brand on tyl.io or set up your own custom domain name. 

If you already have a website and want to increase its SEO, it is recommended to use a subdomain of your existing domain for your brand (e.g. blog.mydomain.com). But you can of course also use your raw domain (e.g. mybrand.com) as the main URL of your brand showcase! The wall of tyls will be the home page of the domain, and all brand publications will automatically receive a page link in the domain (eg mamarque.com/xxxx).

Be careful to use a CNAME record as instructed here for example. 

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Description of the brand

The description of the brand is limited to 250 characters. It will be displayed on your branded wall of tyls, in the bottom of pages, in search results and more. It really is a key element for the natural indexing of your brand's keywords, as well as to capture the attention of visitors. Take time to write something punchy!

External links

You can set up several external links. These links will be promoted on the homepage of the brand, and also at the top of all branded publications. Their positioning makes them extremely effective to subtly attract visitors from your publications to your other online presences.

Publication avatar

The publication avatar is displayed in conjunction with the brand name. It is used to visually indicate to which brand tyls belong and allows visitors to discover more of your brand. Ideally, the image should be square and small in size (to load quickly).

Publications logo

Do not confuse the publication avatar with the publications logo which is used to replace the tyl.io logo in the upper left corner. It will be present on all your publications and on the brand's home page to put your visual identity up-front! Use an image of good quality and medium size. Ideally, the format of the logo should be rectangular and horizontal (square and vertical images work but are not recommended).

Accent color

Select the predominant accent color of your brand. In general, it is found in the logo and is a bright color that attracts the attention. It is strongly recommended not to use white or very pale colors. This color will be used on the homepage and on your tyls in a strategic way to attract attention and display a style of your own.

Cover photo

The cover is the first thing visitors see on your brand's wall of tyls. Use a very good quality picture that breathes the spirit of your brand ... because first impressions count! Ideally, the photo should have a horizontal panoramic format. If you are embedding text in the photo, make sure it is centered vertically and horizontally in the center of the cover (in order to be displayed correctly on any type of device).

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How do you brand a tyl?

Discover how you can easily add a custom branding to a tyl.

A tyl without custom branding is completely free and uses the tyl.io brand image by default.

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